Understanding the Kannada users

Written by: Gagan

The Karnataka Tourism Department has a motto, that is “Karnataka is one state, many world”. Meaning of true Karnataka is that here we can see examples that can be found all over the world. On the one hand, there is an area of ​​very heavy rainfall, on the other an area where rainfall is rare phenomenon. On one side, we have hill stations that offer cold breeze throughout the year, on other there are areas where only two seasons are predominent. Let’s get this started, let’s get to know about people of this beautiful state, that is Karnataka.

Karnataka can be said to range from Kalaburgi in the north to Kharapur in the Bandipur forest in the south, from Mangalore in the west to Mulabagal in the east. The people living in between, even though they speak Kannada, have many differences in their language. The type of language varies every forty km.

It is special that their attitude changes as well. The people of Mangalore use the very polite and text book words. They use polite language to the extent that their language is forbidden to bad words. Mangalore is famous for Dasara. Besides, Diwali, Ganesha Chaturthi, Janmashtami, Christmas, Easter and Ramadan are also popular. Mangalore is the home of all religions. Mangalore region likes language that is not rude, and not with dual meanings. The kite festival is the main attraction here.

Kodagu is a land of hills and mountains. The entire region is like a hill station. The people of Kodagu mostly speak kodava language. They like the language of Kannada spoken by common people. The district has the greatness of sending highest number of persons sent to the Indian Army. Huttari, Diwali are the popular festivals here. Hockey sports, the Indian army, and patriotism are filled in the hearts of the people of this place.

Mysore is an adjacent province of Kodagu. Monarchy is a part of the lifestyle of the people. They like the administrative Kannada language. The Dasara festival is world famous. Diwali, Ganesha Chaturthi and Sankranti are their favorite festivals. They also celebrate Ramadan, Moharram, Eid Milad and Christmas.

The capital city, Bangalore is known for its cosmopolitan culture. People of all kinds, festivals of all kinds are popular here. They also like the funny English mixed language. They also like administrative language. New Year, Ugadi, Varalakshmi, Dasara and Diwali are the favorite festivals. Recently Akshaya tritiya has also become popular.

North Karnataka can be integrated into a single group. People celebrate every full moon and the new moon like a festival. Sankranti, Ugadi, Diwali, Nagarapanchami and Holi are the special festivals.

These are about festivals, now let us come to purchasing pattern.

The new year or the end of the year is really a good time for buyers. In Karnataka, mobiles, electronics, etc., are the most marketable items at this time. Marriages and auspices celebrations are more frequent during the summer, before and after the Ashada month. Fifteen days before the Mahalaya Amavasya Kannadigas purchases are very less.

People here show more interest in buying automobiles for Dussehra and Diwali. Akshaya tritiya, Vijayadashami, Dhanterae and Pushya nakshatra day are the days when Ravi Pushya Yoga comes in and on those days gold and silver items are bought. These festivals are more auspicious for house warming ceremonies and hence the days prior to these, furnitures and electronics gadgets will be purchased.

In North Karnataka, cloth purchases will be in peak during Holi, Diwali and Nagarapanchami. Especially silk sarees will be purchased for Nagarapanchami. This trend is seen during Gowri festival in South India.

When it comes to eating habits, North Karnataka people like jowar roti (jolada rotti) meal. They like to eat this roti with vegetable curry, chatni powder and thick curd. They eat less of non-vegetarian food. During festival times they like to eat a variety of sweets. They will be happy if they have poha (avalakki), puffed rice (mandakki) and mirchi bajji for the evening snack.

People on the coast show their interest in seafood. Besides, dosa and nir dose are very dear to them. They adopt their own food style towards the coast. They use coconut oil. The rest uses sunflower and groundnut oil.

Mysore people need rice mainly. They are equally vegetarian and non-vegetarian. They are very fond of sweet gourmet desserts. Mandya is very fond of meat. Especially their favorite nati chicken and Bannur lamb.

Bangaloreans are cosmopolitan in their lunch also. They are okay with ragi ball as well as burger. In the evening they taste pani puri. Compared to other places it can be said that Bangaloreans are more non-vegetarian loving.

When it comes to language advertising, users of the entire Karnataka prefer language that is not derogatory, that is secular, non-political, and not ridiculing other religions. It doesn’t even involve looking at any gender here. Kannada users love the language of Kannada, the language that upholds the land, the river, the language and culture.

Further, the Kannadigas show their patronage for good ideas in any language. This is how Kannada films are super hit, as well as films in other languages.

So you have seen what and when kannadigas like. That is why poets have sung and praised kannadigas as romantic people. That is why it is told again and again that Karnataka is one state and many worlds.

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